Churn Dash Update

Why do I always have terrific ideas and plans and not learn that they usually take far more time that I expect and should? Will I ever take heed of my experiences? Anyhow here is my Churn Dash Update for this month:

Terrific idea number 1: The design of the patchwork top ‘only’ needs 105 of 3″ square churn dashes! As the design is what I would say more traditional than modern, it is pretty important to me that the blocks are at least halfway straight and not wonky, so terrific idea number 2 evolved: Sew the blocks using the paper foundation method! Having made the decision 2 yrs. ago not to buy new fabric unless I had absolutely no choice because I do not have any or not enough suitable in my stash, being who I am had terrific idea number 3: Using the scraps of white fabrics from shirts/sheets/masks/etc. that have been lying in a shoe box for too long. I now know why they have been in there for so long: all mixed up and mostly tiny pieces making the process of cutting the fabrics four times longer than normally. Lastly, at least for the moment, terrific idea number 4: Kill two birds with one stone (not that I would do it literally ;)), pin and sew the blocks while watching spanish films – trying to concentrate on both at the same time led to: missing half the film plots and sewing some blocks when they had been wrongly pinned together!

My endurance paid off this month and I succeeded in making 30 3″ blocks! The paper on the backs will be ripped off later – I need to sew all the churn dashes with the ‘plain blocks’ together to get to that stage …

11 thoughts on “Churn Dash Update

  1. We keep on doing these things to ourselves. But the finished product is worth the pain. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.

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  2. Many many thanks for the praise Jude – I took a quick look at what you have been up to the other day – your work is of a very high standard!


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